Meet The Team - Miss Sindy

Please introduce yourself:

My name's Sindy Sivamany, or as my students like to call me - Miss Sindy.

What made you get into teaching?

Teaching has always been a HUGE passion of mine. As a child my favourite game was 'pretending to be a teacher' which involved getting a whiteboard out and pretending to teach a room full of dolls and teddies!

As I become older, my desire to help those around me in the form of education strengthened.

I absolutely loved the satisfaction of knowing I was contributing to someone's development, whether that was in the form of an imporved GCSE grade, an 11+ pass or simply the joy of growing their confidence as a student. 

That is why I feel that 'Discover their potential' is the best fit for SS Tuition. 

Tell us more about how you started SS Tuition?

After tutoring for around 4 years I decided to 'make it official' and started SS Tuition in 2013. I wanted classes that were small, tailored and really made a difference to each and every child. It was a life long dream and I finally did it!

Why should parents choose SS Tuition?

SS Tuition connects with each student and parent to understand more than just their educational goals. We have designed our lessons in a way that ensures we are part of their journey, providing regular feedback, tests and tailoring teaching for a student at any level. Outside of lessons, we also provide support 7 days a week, completely free!

In short - we are different! But I hope you give us a call and find that out for yourself!

What are you most excited about?

I'm super excited about the content we are finally getting to share with you all! Thank you to Kaylee for making this launch and rebrand possible! 

Lastly... what's a fun fact about yourself?

Hmmm... now I always make my new students do this when joining but now I'm stuck myself! Fun fact about myself would be that besides teaching, I love dancing! I was involved in quite a few dance competitions when I was younger... and a better dancer too!