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11 Plus Tuition

11 Plus Tuition

Welcome, parents! Are you looking for affordable and reliable tuition for your child’s Eleven plus exam? You’ve come to the right place.

At SS Tuition, we understand that passing the Eleven plus can be a daunting prospect for children and parents alike...


That is why Mrs Dacres and Ms Soni, our eleven-plus specialists with over 8 years of experience, lead this course. They are dedicated to providing our parents with a guided process through the eleven-plus journey as well as providing our students with sound advice, tailored tuition, regular mock tests and proven results.


What is CEM Select


English, maths (closely mapped to Key Stage 2 curriculum), 
 verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning


September of Year 6 (preparation starts early Year 4)

English topics

Only reading comprehension, no SPaG


  • 2 papers, 60 minutes each, integrating multiple topic+

  • Papers split into shorter timed sections of 6–12 minute+

  • Students can only move on when they re told, and can t look back to previous sections


  • Until Sep 2023: traditional exam taken on paper.

  • After Sep 2023: online exam

  • Non adaptive


What is GL Exam


English, maths (less closely mapped to Key Stage 2 curriculum), 
 verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning


September of Year 6 (preparation starts early Year 4)

English topics

Reading comprehension and SPaG


  • Separate papers for each subject

  • Schools can choose from English, maths, verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning paper+

  • Papers are ~45 minutes each, but this varie+


  • Traditional exam taken on paper

  • Non adaptive

We firmly believe every child should have access to quality education regardless of background. Our tuition courses cater for students of all abilities and have been designed to thoroughly prepare them for the CEM or GL exam board and any independent schools so they can confidently embark on the next stage of their educational journey.


At SS Tuition, we understand how to unlock the unique potential of each child. Our experienced tutors provide bespoke tuition sessions tailored to the individual's capabilities and will focus on both Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths to ensure your child is thoroughly prepared to pass the Eleven plus!

The three core skills we look at focusing on is;
✔ Expert Accuracy
✔ Practising Speed
✔ Mastering Exam Practice 

We're here to support parents every step of the way.

Get expert advice


Our Experts can help with any questions you may have about preparing for the 11 plus or admissions to your target grammar school.

You can email us any time on

Or give us a call:

11 Plus Student

Throughout the process, we constantly monitor the child's progress in these three areas and try to address weaknesses early in the process. To round out the process, the course also covers examination techniques suitable for different types of examination boards.


At the heart of the whole 11 plus process is a foundation of strong vocabulary and good mental arithmetic skills, so we observe and coach in these two core areas from the very beginning.


To further enhance their learning experience our tutors go beyond just classroom teaching. There are plenty of opportunities for your child to practice their skills with relevant homework and past papers. This allows them to apply their new knowledge and build their confidence to make sure they can pass their exams.


SS Tuition are here to help make sure your child has the best chance possible of passing their Eleven plus exam and attending a selective school or grammar school of their choice. With us, your child will have access to experienced tutors, an engaging learning environment, and a range of materials to help them prepare for the exam. 


So don’t hesitate, we offer dedicated small group classes on Monday evenings or 1-1 classes at a time convenient to you. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help your child on the path to achieving their academic goals.

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5 Star Google Reviews

My young son he had 11+ with Miss Sindy, he always enjoy his lesson with her, now he has passed and is in year 7, she helps him with biology and chemistry he is very happy with the help he is getting and he also suggested if he can do some lesson for summer holiday to be ahead of for next year, Thanks for your help and support.

My daughter started 11plus 2 months before exams with Miss Soni and passed. She enjoyed the lessons. Miss Soni is empathetic, caring and brilliant in the subject matter. She is engaging and always going the extra-mile.

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