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Meet the Team

At SS Tuition, we only work with the absolute best.

That’s why we have carefully hand-picked a team of tutors who not only teach you what to learn, but teach you how to learn. That means professional, experienced, and trustworthy with a proven track record for success!

Mrs Sindy

Principal and Founder of SS Tuition. Speciality in Maths & Science.

Dr Soni

11+, KS2-GCSE Maths and Science, A Level Biology, A level Psychology and Dental Entry Coaching.

Ms Lavi

KS2-GCSE Maths and Science

Miss Selva

KS2-A Level Maths and A Level Biology and Chemistry

Ms Syed

Senior Tutor, KS3-GCSE Science & A Level Chemistry

Miss Cooper

KS2-A Level Maths & 11+

Dr Theivendran

Medical Entry Coach

Mrs Dacres

Senior Tutor, 11+, GCSE English Language, GCSE and A Level Sociology.

Mr Matsvai

KS3-GCSE Science and A-level Physics

Mr Dower

GCSE & A Level Economics, Science and Maths

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