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Miss Cooper

Please introduce yourself?

Hi I'm Miss Cooper! I am a First Class Maths Graduate and Current Data Analyst. I have over 7 years of experience tutoring!

What subjects do you specialise in?


KS3, GCSE, and A Level Maths 

Top tip whilst preparing for the eleven plus?

The eleven plus exam can be a difficult test to pass, the verbal reasoning being once or the most challenging, and so it’s important to be as well prepared as possible. 

One of my top tips to ensure success is to ensure a strong foundation and that involves reading plenty of books throughout the year leading up to the exam. This can be beneficial in a range of ways, but key amongst them is improving your child’s vocabulary.

Students with a larger variety of words often do better in the verbal section of their eleven plus exams, as they will be more able to understand the complicated literature better, analyse texts more quickly and provide defined, coherent answers. So make sure your child gets ahead and is reading as many different types of texts as possible from newspaper articles to non-fiction texts to a range of different fiction texts at higher reading levels. Not only will this help to improve their vocabulary but it will also give them the confidence to tackle these questions when it comes to the final eleven plus exam! 

As your subject speciality is Maths, what have you found to help your GCSE/A Level Maths students?

Maths exam preparation will be unlike other subjects, there’s less content, less time spent memorising facts, but the key to those higher grades will the time spent in the number of questions you can do!

Exam and practice questions are the BEST way to prepare for a Maths exam because they accurately reflect both the structure and the content of the actual assessment. This is why I do as many past papers as possible with my students to help them familiarise themselves with the types of questions they are likely to encounter as well as develop the necessary skills required. 

With a consistent approach to Maths, regular questions also provides my students with vital insight into the types of questions that we need to go back on so that when it comes to the final exam they are fully prepared having mastered and practiced every single areas! 

What is a common mistake you see eleven plus students make?

One common mistake I often see 11+ pupils make is spending too much time on particularly challenging questions. When this happens, it can be difficult to complete the rest of the exam, leading to potentially lower grades overall! 

In order to avoid such a situation, it is important for 11+ pupils to budget their time effectively in the exam hall. It may be tempting  to spend longer on some questions, especially when the child feels like they may know it , but if progress is not being made quickly, it may be best to move on and come back later. Remember the eleven plus is a balance between accuracy AND speed! In my lesson we look and how students can quickly identify questions which require extra thought and set aside these for the end, my students can ensure that they are leaving enough time to complete the remaining questions.

Another tip for 11+ students is to practise as much as possible under timed conditions at home!! We cover tonnes of papers under timed conditions! This way, our students can get a feel for how long each answer should take and how much time they can realistically allot for each question. This can help them stay focused in the actual exam and remind them to keep track of time if they find themselves stuck on a question.

Why did you get into teaching?

I discovered my passion for teaching when I finally understood a complex Math problem. I was elated, and from that moment on I was determined to help others experience the same feeling of accomplishment that I did.

Since then, I have focused my attention on helping young people build their confidence with mathematics and the eleven plus. I have seen first hand how having a clear understanding of the subject can make all the difference in a student’s educational journey. From tutoring basic arithmetic to introducing more advanced eleven plus concepts, I strive to teach these to my students in a way where they truly understand the subject. By breaking down complex concepts into more manageable pieces and explaining difficult problems step-by-step, I can help my students feel proud of their progress. In addition, I strive to keep things interesting and engaging by introducing a few fun problem-solving activities.

Tutoring is not just about helping students master skills; it is also about fostering a positive attitude towards the subject. By building confidence and showing enthusiasm I hope to inspire a love of learning in my students. Ultimately, my goal is to help them realize their potential and become competent problem-solvers.

Fun fact 

I have just had my first baby! So if I’m not in classes I spend much of my time changing nappies and speaking baby language!

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