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KS2 and KS3 English Classes

KS2 and KS3 English Classes

Hi Parents! Are you looking to give your children a helping hand with their KS2 or preparation for SATS? Or perhaps they are in KS3 and you’re looking to ensure they get the best possible support ahead of their GCSEs?


At SS Tuition, we understand that English is a core subject that is a transferable skill into all other subjects and must meet any minimum requirement for future prospects.


Nothing is more important to us than ensuring this and helping your child’s academic success. That's why we provide affordable tuition by qualified tutors that are designed to help your child achieve their goals, improve their grades and make academic progress.

What Services Are You Going To Get In Our Online English Classes For KS2 and KS3?

Best Customer Services And Support

Affordable Course Pricing Structure

Experienced And Qualified Online Tutors

The team at SS Tution are highly experienced in the national curriculum as well as the core elements of KS2-KS3 exams. We have the expertise to help your child reach their full potential and excel! 


We focus on improving your child’s comprehension, writing, and understanding of reading material as well as introducing creative writing and analysis of complex texts, so your child can demonstrate their knowledge and apply it in unfamiliar contexts. 


At SS Tuition, we take care to understand each child’s individual needs and create personalized lesson plans to suit them. With us, you can be sure that your child will receive tailored tuition that helps to motivate them, build their confidence and move them towards success. 


If you're ready to ensure your child's success with English, get in touch now and book your first session.

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5 Star Google Reviews

 SS Tuition has been one of the best investments I've made for my son. English was never my sons favourite subject but I could see that after a month or so his creative writing was improving. He got better at finding information from extracts and ordering sentences into grammatical order. It’s been really rewarding to see how much he has changed in his abilities. Miss Sindy is very friendly, approachable and polite. My son loves attending her classes and enjoys doing his work.Even during the last year my son has not been able to attend the lessons in person, due to COVID 19, but he has been able to carry on with his work and online lessons with Miss Sindy and loves his online classes.

I have no idea how to start and words alone are not enough to recommend Sindy. Sindy has completely turned around my son. He was failing his English and Science about a year ago and he is now on track to achieve a grade 8 this year . Sindy took the time to actually get to know my son, understand why he felt so unconfident and became much more than a teacher. She became a mentor and coach with his studies and day to day motivation. She turned my son around from being constantly negative thinking with extreme lack of confidence to someone who now thrives in both his studies and day to day life. Thank you so much Sindy. We are both ever so grateful for everything you have done, you have gone above and beyond!! Thank you

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