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So your teen has taken an interest in human society and culture? That’s amazing!

At SS Tuition we specialise in one to one tailored lessons in the following A Level Humanity subjects:


We understand it can be challenging to know how to best support your teen when it comes to A Level and GCSE Sociology but here at SS Tuition, we offer an affordable and practical way of helping your child get the grades they deserve. With over 10 years of experience, our dedicated and experienced tutor Mrs Dacres will guide your child for their exams, whether it's understanding the 10 mark application of materials from item essay questions, the sociology of families, or the areas of social theory and methodology- we have you covered

We understand that getting good Sociology grades is not just about studying, your teen needs motivation, exam practice and support as well, which is why we do our best to create a friendly environment that helps your teen reach their best potential. Our tutors are also on hand outside of lesson to answer any questions or queries that you or your teen might have. 


If they are doing A Levels, we’ll help your teen navigate their way through the various topics within the A Level papers and it’s unique disciplines that study society, such as economics, psychology and political science which can be difficult to grasp and apply independently! 

So if you’re looking for an investment into your child's future in GCSE/ A Level Sociology or you're looking to help them get that grade they need for uni, give us a call today. Through our specialist one-to-one and group tuition, we can help them gain grades, become more motivated and reach their full potential. 


It can be a lot of pressure on students doing Psychology to get through all the content, especially for those looking to get into Psychology or looking to secure that all important grade for their University choice!

Our expert tutor in Psychology, Dr Soni lead this course and can help your child get the grades they need with tailored 1-1 lessons .


The lessons cover all elements of  A Level Psychology including:

  1. Social influence

  2. Memory

  3. Attachment

  4. Psychopathology

  5. Approaches in Psychology

  6. Biopsychology

  7. Research methods

  8. Issues and debates in Psychology

Gaining a good understanding of the challenging A Level Psychology content is only step one, it’s then a totally new ball game navigating through the exam papers and understanding what you need to gain those all important marks. This is why our lessons include teaching the content as well as doing multiple exam style questions to help prepare your teen to the fullest!

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5 Star Google Reviews

Their service is really personalised and tailored towards your own goals and requirements. Miss Sindy is an extremely polite, professional and dedicated tutor, who is also kind and patient with her students. Her help with exam preparation is especially good and we highly recommend Miss Sindy and her team to all parents looking to give their children that extra one-to-one support with their education.

100% recommend SS tuition.
It offers you personalised and tailored lessons to meet your exact needs. Miss Sindy is a very professional and knowledgable tutor and she provides great support to her students. Her lessons are both constructive and helpful. She is kind and patient and is an expert when it comes to exam style techniques to ensure success. Her teaching quality is second to none!

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