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My name is Sindy Sivamany, or as my students like to call me, Miss Sindy.

I have been tutoring students from ages 9 - 17 for over 8 years. With a degree in Biochemistry and over eight years of tutoring experience, I have the professional tools and experience necessary to help with students with all their needs.  

I started SS Tuition in 2013 alongside experienced professionals in the Tutoring industry.  Each of us specialise in our field of expertise meaning we are able to direct only the best and most suitable Tutor, to cater specifically to your child's needs. 

The most important part for us is developing a unique learning approach for each student based on gaining a deep understanding of your child’s specific needs and learning style. From here we will be able to tailor the lessons, and homework to suit your child's learning style.


We have helped over 500 students throughout the past 10 years with their GCSE, AS Level exams and younger students with their KS2 SATS and 11+.

So whatever the stage of your child’s learning, we can provide the support that can really make a difference – whether it’s to develop their Maths and English skills, help them prepare for important exams or simply to build their confidence!

Improve your grades and boost your confidence today with our experienced online tutors.

KS3 Science

KS3 Science

GCSE Science

GCSE  Sciences

A Level Science

A Level Science



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Monday - Saturday: 8.00am - 9.00pm

Sunday: Closed

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