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Hello, my name is Sindy Theivendran, or as my students affectionately call me, Mrs Sindy.

As the Founder and Principal Tutor at SS Tuition, I bring over 13 years of tutoring experience, specializing in guiding students aged 9 to 17. I've dedicated myself to cultivating a supportive positive learning environment, ensuring each student receives the personalised attention they deserve.

In 2013, I established SS Tuition alongside seasoned professionals in the tutoring industry. What sets us apart is our commitment to handpicking qualified educators who share our enthusiastic passion for student success with a fun style of teaching! Each team member brings expertise in their specific field, allowing us to match your child with the best-suited tutor.


At SS Tuition, our focus goes beyond conventional tutoring. We pride ourselves on developing a unique learning approach for every student. By gaining a deep understanding of your child's specific needs and learning style, we tailor lessons and homework to foster effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

Over the past decade, we've proudly assisted over 500 students in achieving success in their GCSEs, A Levels, KS2 SATs, and 11+. Whether your child needs support in enhancing their Maths and English skills, preparing for crucial exams, or simply building confidence, we're here to make a meaningful difference at every stage of their learning journey.


Welcome to SS Tuition, where personalized education meets lasting success! I encourage you to book in a call with me to find out more about the exceptional tuition we offer.    I look forward to speaking to you :)

Improve your grades and boost your confidence today with our experienced online tutors.

KS3 Science

KS3 Science

GCSE Science

GCSE  Sciences

A Level Science

A Level Science



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