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Dr Theivendran

Please introduce yourself:

Hello! My name is Dr Theiv, and I am a Medical Registrar in Acute Medicine.  

Why do you love what you do?

Medicine has been a passion of mine ever since I started learning about the intricacies of the human body. It is an extremely rewarding career and I want to inspire and pass on my knowledge to those thinking of applying to medical school with all my tips on how to stand out intervi-captions 

What is your coaching speciality?

Personal Statements and Medical Interview Coaching. As a current Medical Registrar, and someone who has helped students with various stages of their medical interview. There are many hidden tricks and potential minefields during the application process that I can help mentor potential medics pass. 

I know what it takes to stand out from the crowd and be seen in the interview as a future doctor. The medical application process is not just applying to med school, it is the first step in preparing for a life changing career! 

Top tip for applying to medicine?

There’s so many It’s SO important to practise for your interview early, so when the time comes you’re ready to impress. Make sure you focus on how you can really make a difference in this field, remind them of your qualifications and abilities and ensure that at the end of the interview you have demonstrated through your language AND style of answering that you have every potential to become a Doctor and are worthy of a place at their university. 

Getting this right means starting early, and with us you can practise the art of blending confidence, knowledge and ambition in your answers.

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