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Miss Selva

Please introduce yourself

My name is Ms Selva, I am currently a secondary school science teacher and Head of Year in West London. I have 10 years of private tutoring experience across the ages of 6-18 and 5 years of teaching experience at secondary school level. 

What subjects do you specialise in?

With an undergraduate degree in BSc Biomedical Sciences and a Postgraduate Teaching Degree in Secondary Science, my subject specialisms are in GCSE Maths, GCSE Science, A Level Biology and A Level Chemistry.

What is some advise you'd give to parents supporting their child with their GCSEs?

It is incredibly important that your child understands their learning style in order to succeed in their education. Along with this, time-management skills and organisation skills are important to ensure your child is also able to take breaks from revision. I truly believe helping your child figure out their learning style and work out a revision timetable with them months ahead of exam time are the best ways you can support your child to manage revision with ample time and organisation, and preventing stress and anxiety for both yourself and your child. Education is important but so is your child's mental health, and that should never be overlooked.

What advise would you give to A Level Biology students?

Master your learning style and do lots of exam practice. Science is a subject which is mark scheme specific, particularly A Level Biology. If you don't know the mark schemes enough, you will not be able to access the exam. Past paper exam practice should be a routine theme in your revision.

What is your most memorable student success?

I remember a GCSE Maths student who came to me who struggled with the subject, thinking she was not going to pass and not having a love for the subject. It took extensive hard work to get her to be motivated and working hard, and to truly believe in herself. Following hard work, commitment and dedication, we were very pleased that she achieved a grade 6 in Maths which at one point seemed like a miracle to her. It really made me believe that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and strive for the stars. Never have limits and always push yourself, effort always equates to success!

What is your tutoring style?

Every student is unique, therefore I teach the way students want to be taught, initially trying to understand each individual student's learning style, strengths and difficulties. I believe in the student-led approach where the student takes ownership of their learning, embedding recall and practice as a core of my lesson.

What is your best moment teaching?

Teaching my lovely Year 11 class the last 2 years who achieved the best results in the entire school for science. The headteacher personally came and thanked me for the brilliant results and the hard work put in for them to achieve this. I truly felt a reward and satisfaction, which I never felt before. It is the best feeling to be part of student success and when all the hard work pays off!

What is a common mistake you see students make?

Many students think plants can't respire - this is till this date the most common mistake I see students make. Plants need to respire, just like us humans!

What inspired you to get into teaching?

As cliché as it may sound, being able to truly make a difference and having a sense of purpose in life. I couldn't see myself doing anything else and I still can't. I love the passion, drive and exhilarating feeling that teaching and tutoring gives me. Every day is different and exciting, it never bores me! And I am constantly making a difference in students' and their families lives, what more could I want?

And finally, tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I love eating out and trying different cuisines. If someone says food, I am there without a question!

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